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Jiangsu, Changzhou, of Tianbao, outstanding people, create brilliant farming civilization and.Jiangsu dragon metallurgical energy saving Technology Co., carrying the fundamental task of ecological civilization came into being, is located in Jiangsu city in Changzhou Province, the most energetic tower high tech Development Zone, is a company specializing in coke oven gas sensible heat recovery device and system using high-tech enterprises. Under the leadership of Meng Xiaodong, chairman of the company, adhering to the "people-oriented technology innovation" business philosophy, we are determined to be enterprising and pioneering. Since 2011, we have independently developed coke oven or gas rising tube sensible heat recovery technology. The products have seamless alloy, nano antiseptic and self cleaning materials and a number of proprietary innovation technology. Today, the company constantly optimizes technology and technology, and is committed to the research and development of new products. We have developed second new rising tube heat exchangers, and the third generation products are suitable for all kinds of coke ovens. The technology is at the leading level in China.
In February 2014, Fujian coking plant of 2*65 shares Sansteel light hole 4 meters 3 waste gas heat recovery tamping coke project industrialization has been successfully applied; as the current domestic after heat recovery coke oven flue gas CDQ waste heat recovery, and a coke oven waste heat recovery technology breakthrough.
In October 2016, the national development and Reform Commission low carbon technology innovation and industrialization demonstration project: Wuhan Pingdingshan Coal Coking Company of Wuhan Iron and steel joint 6 meters 7#55 annual production of 530 thousand tons of coke oven hole riser heat recovery project is completed, running smoothly, the average daily 0.62Mpa saturation (8.33T/h), 194 tons of steam per ton coke steam quantity is more than 120Kg, significant effect.
At present, the company has 5 phase invention patent 12 phase practical technology patent. Since 2016, our company has applied for patent for more than 10 inventions and technical applications and has received notice of acceptance. The company has established a perfect quality assurance system, through the ISO9001:2008 quality system certification, D class I, II type pressure vessel manufacturing license qualification.

In May 2017, our product "rising tube heat exchanger" was identified as "Changzhou high tech product". In June 2017, our company was awarded the title of Jiangsu private technology enterprise.

In July 2017, our company signed a technical cooperation agreement with China Metallurgical Coke resistance (Dalian) engineering and Technology Co., Ltd., and joined forces to create a leading technology for the recovery and utilization of coke oven gas.
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