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Our company successfully contracted Feicheng Shiheng Coking Co., Ltd. to increase waste heat recovery unit for waste management

Release time : 2017/04/05 17:40

Our company's coke oven riser sensible heat recovery project, after Feicheng Shiheng Coking Co., Ltd.'s on-site inspection of Sansteel Coking and Wuhan Steel Coking's riser sensible heat recovery project, gave us the cost performance of our company's riser waste heat recovery project. Fully affirmed, and formally signed on April 1, 2017 "Fengcheng Shiheng Coking Co., Ltd. Shiheng Coking Preparation Assett Raw Gas Project Uprising Pipe Waste Gas Recycling Plant Design, Production Supply, Installation, Commissioning, Personnel Training Contract (EPC project) contract.