Talent Recruitment

Technical Engineer: 3
Job content:

1, design, proofreading and audit for pressure vessels and vessel products;

2、Design and optimise the rising tube waste heat utilisation system, adjust and optimise according to the site usage and experience;

3、Docking design institutes and owners to coordinate the design, construction and commissioning of the project;

4、Stage travelling, on-site service and guidance;

5、Complete other work arranged by the superior leadership.

Tenure requirements:

1、Bachelor degree or above, majoring in chemical machinery, pipeline engineering, power engineering, materials, automation, thermal energy, process control and so on;

2, more than 1 year related work experience or related professional outstanding freshmen can also; pressure vessel and pressure piping design audit qualification is preferred;

3、Familiar with pressure vessel and pressure piping design, a better understanding of national laws and regulations and related standards, process piping design;

4, skilled use of AUTOCAD, Creo and other three-dimensional software, PPT and other professional office software

5, with industrial waste heat utilisation system related design experience;

6、Strong resistance to pressure, able to adapt to travelling.

Thermal engineer: 1
Job responsibilities:

1, to provide materials, process systems, equipment selection considerations and evaluation of the design for the relevant departments for reference;

2, the R & D department of internal technical research and development, external field test project problem solving;

3, other matters assigned by the leadership.

Job requirements:

1、Bachelor degree or above, thermodynamics related majors preferred;

2, proficient in CAD, Soilworks and any other drafting software;

3、Proficient in fluid mechanics, chemical thermodynamics, transfer thermodynamics;

4, strong communication skills and copywriting skills, proficient in the use of OFFICE and other office software;

5, adapt to short-term travel.

Project Manager: 10
Job responsibilities:

1, responsible for the whole process of construction engineering quality, schedule, safety, civilised construction management, on-site supervision and management and control work;

2, effective supervision of construction quality, the key engineering quality control points to be tracked control monitoring and quality assessment;

3、Responsible for coordinating engineering construction technical change processing and on-site visa management, confirming design changes;

4、Coordinate the supporting work on site of infrastructure projects and the preparatory work before the commencement of construction;

5, long-term travelling.

Appointment Requirements:

1, college degree or above, majoring in machinery, equipment and other related majors;

2, more than two years of electric power, chemical, environmental protection and other engineering projects mechanical, equipment installation experience;

3, chemical construction, electric power construction and environmental protection industry engineering construction mechanical technical positions mainly, have EPC project experience;

4, able to adapt to long-term travelling.

Project Engineer: 10
Job responsibilities:

1、Cooperate with the project manager to carry out the preliminary preparation work of the project;

2、Participate in the professional construction drawing review and construction drawing design submission, put forward the professional opinions and suggestions;

3, with the project manager to prepare the overall construction organisational design, and is responsible for this professional construction unit reported construction organisational design content and construction programme review;

4、Responsible for the construction management of this profession in engineering construction;

5、Responsible for the technical management of this profession in engineering construction;

6, found in the construction of quality, progress, safety issues in a timely manner, and reflect to the project manager;

7、Prepare, audit and save all kinds of original records of the construction process of this profession, and archive;

8, the professional construction progress, quality, cost, safety is responsible for, is the professional progress, quality, cost, safety of the first responsible person;

9, with the project manager to do a good job of subcontracting team management, review the subcontracting unit reported information;

10、Cooperate with the project manager to carry out the recovery and payment of project funds, and assist the project manager in internal and external coordination;

11、Complete other work assigned by the project department or the company.

Tenure requirements:

1, junior college degree or above, mechanical, thermal kinetic energy, over control, chemical and other related professional;

2, chemical, electric power and environmental protection industry engineering construction mechanical technical positions mainly, familiar with mechanical and electrical installation engineering technology practice;

3, relevant project management experience or production experience for more than one year, with comprehensive coordination ability;

4, able to adapt to long-term travel.

Safety Engineer: 1
Job responsibilities:

1, to assist departmental leaders to establish and improve the company's safety management system paperwork, the establishment of management accounts, do a good job of data collation and archiving, to the higher state management departments as required to submit or upload the company's safety management data and information;

2、Responsible for the company's engineering department resident project department of the standardised safety management of the installation site of the various projects, do a good job of training, inspection, rectification tracking, summarising, archiving of information, to put an end to the hidden dangers of safety at the site of the project to ensure that the project construction and operation of the site without accidents target;

3、Study and pay attention to the national safety and environmental management departments issued by the management of the regulations, timely implementation within the company, according to the law management, and constantly improve their professional knowledge, improve the company's safety management qualifications;

4, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the national regulations on occupational health management, improve the company's employees various occupational protection measures, focusing on the engineering department resident staff and other related personnel health protection work;

5、Assist the department to organise all kinds of safety, fire, emergency team drills, training work.

Tenure requirements:

1. with safety management qualification certificate, after the local safety supervision department systematic training, obtain the local safety management personnel qualification certificate;

2.Familiar with engineering installation safety management professional knowledge and relevant national and local laws, regulations and standards;

3. good communication writing skills, proficient in the use of office automation software, with the ability to continuously learn and innovate;

4. good language skills, good organisation, coordination, communication, judgement and problem-solving ability and strong sense of responsibility.

Automation Engineer: 1
Job Description.

1, responsible for the project's automation system design, debugging;

2、Assist the engineering and technology department to communicate with customers externally on project technology (mainly automation system technology);

3、Responsible for dealing with the automation system maintenance and troubleshooting of the commissioned project;

4、Responsible for guiding the construction and installation of the project's three power systems, and timely treatment of unreasonable design in the installation process.

Tenure requirements duties:

1, proficient in CAD, EPLAN and other electrical drawing software;

2, familiar with Siemens (S71500\300), Schneider (M580), AB, ABB, ZJDZC, and sharp and other mainstream large and medium-sized DCS control system, the number of mastery of more than 2 kinds of priority;

3, proficient in Siemens, Schneider, ABB and other frequency converter use and debugging;

4、Familiar with a variety of electrical, instrumentation and other equipment selection, design, working principle, with intermediate electrician certificate;

5, able to adapt to long-term travel, hard-working people preferred.

Also employed: assembler / sprayer / auxiliary workers / assembler / welder / riveter (several)
Excellent salary, enjoy six insurance and one gold, year-end awards, holiday benefits, birthday gifts.

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