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Wuhan Wuhan Pingdingshan Iron & Steel Coking Co., Ltd. No.7 riser sensible heat recovery project
On February 5, 2018, Shandong Shiheng Special Steel Co., Ltd. built a new 81-hole 5.5-meter coke drum coke riser and successfully produced heat. The engineering process overcomes the influence of the
The 4.3m coke oven odor gas sensible heat recovery project of 2×65 holes of Sansteel Twilight Coking Plant was completed on February 28, 2014
Project name: shandong iron and steel group co., LTD. Rizhao iron and steel quality base project, waste gas display heat recovery and utilization project (3 #, 4 # coke oven rising pipe order) technic
Project name: shandong iron and steel co., LTD. Laiwu branch, coke plant 5 #, 6 # coke oven gas display heat recovery project EPC general contract.Employer :(party a) shaanxi huiteng industrial co., L
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