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Performance of the company:

1. In 2013, our company cooperated with the coking plant of Sansteel Shuguang Co., Ltd. to use our company's patented technology to transform the 4m3 coke oven riser of the coking plant. The use effect has been good so far. All environmental protection indicators have reached the relevant national industries. Emission Standards.


2. The "China Metallurgical News" issue of the 2009 edition of January 6, 2015, Issue 002, published a new breakthrough on the recovery of residual heat from coke oven gas in the effect achieved by the riser sensible heat recovery and transformation project at the Coking Plant of Sansteel Group Co., Ltd. "paper.


3. The first issue of the “China Coking Industry” periodical in 2016 was issued jointly by Fujian Sansteel Shuguang Co., Ltd. Coking Plant, Wuhan University of Science and Technology and Wuhan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. Jiaozhou Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. Application of Waste Heat Recovery Technology for Furnace Gas" Paper.


4. In April 2016, the China Metal Society 2016 focused on energy-saving and emission reduction of iron and steel enterprises.


5. In October 2016, the sensible heat recovery project of the 55m 6 hole coke oven gas of No. 7 boiler in Wuhan Pingdingshan No. 5 Coking Co., Ltd. was operating normally with good results.